Friday, 28 September 2012

GlossyBox: Rising Stars

This month's limited edition GlossyBox is rather special, consisting of outshining and fabulous products making it big in beauty. The box itself has been designed by Maggie Li ,an up-coming illustrator from London, and it's just adorable.  

LADY GAGA Fame Fragrance
Last week my boyfriend bought me this very fragrance so I didn't have a sense of surprise when I saw the sample in my box. I have reviewed Fame in this post if you wish to have a read. This sample is handy to keep in my handbag although with it being so small, I have managed to use it up in a week!

RODIAL Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial
I'm rather intrigued with the idea of 'snake serum' based products which seems to be increasingly popular since the whole 'bee venum' craze. The 5 minute facial is a clay mask but with a gritty sachet wasn't enough to cover my whole face so I had to make use of both samples. Once applied, my skin felt a sense of rejuvenation and when rinsing off the product the grit acted as an exfoliant leaving my skin pleasantly soft. The serum is delicate on the face and has a fresh scent to it, I have made use of both sachets although I wouldn't consider investing into the full size product.

BALANCE ME Wonder Eye Cream
I may be over reacting but I've come to realise I can't ignore the fact that I'm not getting any younger (sad face) and I'm growing ever so paranoid that I will suddenly wake to a map of fine lines all over my face. This eye cream promises to reduce fine lines and add radiance around the eyes. I don't suffer from dark circles myself so I haven't really noticed a dramatic change of brightness around my eyes.

VICHY Idealia Day Care Cream
This is a really subtle, gentle face cream which I have been using every morning before applying my make up. I have actually used up all my regular face creams so I received this one just in time and it's also quite a generously sized sample. It isn't heavy on the skin and has a lovely floral/candy like fragrance and is definitely my favourite product of this month's box.  
The final product is a hair oil by Maghrabian, I was quite gutted to not have received the L'Oreal Mythic oil after hearing so much positive feedback and unfortunately this is a very small sample so I will probably use it up rather quickly. The consistency of the oil is a little heavier than I would have expected and the fragrance isn't too appealing. I haven't noticed any results from this oil as I can't really get much use out of such a small amount.

Tamara x