Friday, 28 September 2012

GlossyBox: Rising Stars

This month's limited edition GlossyBox is rather special, consisting of outshining and fabulous products making it big in beauty. The box itself has been designed by Maggie Li ,an up-coming illustrator from London, and it's just adorable.  

LADY GAGA Fame Fragrance
Last week my boyfriend bought me this very fragrance so I didn't have a sense of surprise when I saw the sample in my box. I have reviewed Fame in this post if you wish to have a read. This sample is handy to keep in my handbag although with it being so small, I have managed to use it up in a week!

RODIAL Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial
I'm rather intrigued with the idea of 'snake serum' based products which seems to be increasingly popular since the whole 'bee venum' craze. The 5 minute facial is a clay mask but with a gritty sachet wasn't enough to cover my whole face so I had to make use of both samples. Once applied, my skin felt a sense of rejuvenation and when rinsing off the product the grit acted as an exfoliant leaving my skin pleasantly soft. The serum is delicate on the face and has a fresh scent to it, I have made use of both sachets although I wouldn't consider investing into the full size product.

BALANCE ME Wonder Eye Cream
I may be over reacting but I've come to realise I can't ignore the fact that I'm not getting any younger (sad face) and I'm growing ever so paranoid that I will suddenly wake to a map of fine lines all over my face. This eye cream promises to reduce fine lines and add radiance around the eyes. I don't suffer from dark circles myself so I haven't really noticed a dramatic change of brightness around my eyes.

VICHY Idealia Day Care Cream
This is a really subtle, gentle face cream which I have been using every morning before applying my make up. I have actually used up all my regular face creams so I received this one just in time and it's also quite a generously sized sample. It isn't heavy on the skin and has a lovely floral/candy like fragrance and is definitely my favourite product of this month's box.  
The final product is a hair oil by Maghrabian, I was quite gutted to not have received the L'Oreal Mythic oil after hearing so much positive feedback and unfortunately this is a very small sample so I will probably use it up rather quickly. The consistency of the oil is a little heavier than I would have expected and the fragrance isn't too appealing. I haven't noticed any results from this oil as I can't really get much use out of such a small amount.

Tamara x

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Models Own Hed Kandi

Recently I purchased this stunning Hed Kandi nail polish range by Models Own after months of deciding whether to invest in them or not. Models Own polishes generally aren't that cheap so I was glad to have got my hands on this collection in the Asos sale. Unfortunately we are heading into Autumn so I won't get much wear out of these colours as they are more suited to summer time, nevertheless I have given them all a go and this is what I thought of them...

Models Own Hed Kandi range - £20.00 £14.00 

I was keen to try shade 'Beach Party' after I noticed one of my favourite beauty bloggers Zoe wearing in it in a few of her YouTube videos. It's not a colour I would usually opt for out of choice but I wanted to try something different and unexpected. When I first saw this shade up close I was a little off put with how neon like it was and feared it would give me hideously florescent orange nails however once applied it wasn't at all that bad and I immediately took a liking to the colour. This shade is a very striking bright colour and would probably look better on those with tanned/olive or black skin tones. 

'Balearic Cool' is a swimming pool blue, again a very bright bold shade. Generally I don't wear blue on my nails especially turquoise or cyan I much prefer powder blues or sky blue as they compliment my skin tone better. The photo above shows how much paler my skin appears when wearing this particular polish and I'm really not impressed. Out of the five this probably has to be my most unfavourable colour however with a thin coat of 'Ibiza Mix' on top it is a lot more preferable. 

Gold is a tricky colour to wear on nails, it either looks tacky and yellow or just doesn't really compliment colours I'm wearing (outfit) the 'Disco Heaven' shade however, glistens with gold and blues/greens giving an edgy dazzle to my finger tips. The only issue is applying the polish as it is glitter based it's rather thin and takes a few coats to give the full impact of sparkle. This is definitely a shade to wear at a party so would be ideal for Christmas festivities and New Years. NOTE: A nightmare to remove!

I love 'Ibiza Mix' although it's not a polish I'd wear alone, it looks much better on top of a bold bright colour base coat. This shade contains flakes of gold, bronze, blue and purple giving a dazzling effect on the nails perfect for a evening pool party. Just like 'Disco Heaven' taking the product of is a real hassle so I wouldn't recommend applying multiple coats of this varnish as you'll be spending ages removing it afterwards. 

'Hedonist' is a vibrant, florescent redish pink which gives an instant pop of colour to the nails. As you can see it's a very bright and would probably be better suited to wear in the summer with a lovely tan. I found the polish to be rather thick and so I didn't need to go over with any extra coats. It's a shame we've entered Autumn, I've really taken to this colour but it just doesn't suit the A/W colours I've been wearing recently. 

Tamara x 

P.S I need a holiday :(

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nip + Fab Shine Fix Mattifying Gel

Nip + Fab Shine Fix Mattifying Gel - £9.94 £4.99 

I've seen a lot of positive feedback on Nip + Fab products so I was more than pleased to see the brand in one of my local TK Maxx stores. I chose to give this Shine Fix mattifying gel a try, considering it was around half the regular retail price, why not? I'm always open to try new products that combat shine or visible pores and so I had put some hope into this product since it claims to prevent shine and target pores.

I have been using this product as a base to make up, as I would with a primer. The gel is fairly light and blends well into the skin giving a matt finish; however I can't say it reduces the visibility of my pores or blackheads a great deal. It has contributed to the control of shine on my face and so I will continue to make use of it. I highly doubt I will invest in buying this product again, especially for the price it usually sells.

Tamara x

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

SheSaidBeauty September Box

GINVERA Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel
I was overly impressed with the Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream that I received in a past SheSaidBeauty box so of course I had high expectations for this gel that promises remove dead skin and target blackheads. You apply this product onto completely dry skin, rubbing in circular motions and within moments dead skin flakes away almost like giving a mini face peel. After use, skin feels much softer and smoother although I haven't noticed a reduction in my blackheads as of yet but I would expect more results after a few more uses.

COLLECTION Primed & Ready Smoothing Make-Up Primer
When I first applied this product on to my face I was quite set back with how oily it felt and assumed it would allow shine to build as the day went on. Thankfully that wasn't the case and my skin stayed fairly matte and my make up seemed to stay settled, I didn't have to touch up at any point! The product is clear so can be used on any skin tone. Although this product wasn't a letdown I wouldn't rate it as my top choice primer.  

COLLECTION Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer
I'm not greatly keen on the idea of making my make up stick to my face as much as I want it to last during the day, the idea doesn't thrill me. The makeup fixer is a product that you spray over your make up to ensure that you have lasting coverage over a long period of time, whether it be a day at work or late night out. I was rather off put with the dampness it left on my face after one spray, despite using at a good distance; also the smell of the product isn't too great either. Although it does seem to hold make up in place I can't help but feel that my skin isn't able to breathe under the product.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Without no surprise there was one product I received this month that I wasn't at all happy to see. I found this very product in my August GlossyBox and still haven't got round to make some sort of use out of it. I tend to avoid oil based products for my skin as I have an oily complexion so I've been hesitant to get round to trying it out. The oil is a little heavy for my face and I my use this on my body as an alternative so that both samples aren't going to waste. 

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask
I love a good old face mask and I really don't use them as much as I'd like to, they're a real pamper for your face. This clay mask completely refreshed my face after use leaving a cool, cleansed feeling on my skin. The product has a pleasant smell of peppermint and lime and feels light on my face. I've always preferred clay masks over peel off masks so I was glad to find this in my box this month.

Tamara x

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lady Gaga FAME

Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum 50ml - £32.00

I'm very much in need of a new..or maybe a few new perfumes and I've been going on about it for weeks but perfumes don't exactly come cheap and so I haven't actually got round to purchasing any. Luckily my other half took notice of my 'needs' and surprised me with a little black box which happened to be the newly launched fragrance by Lady Gaga. Hurrah! FAME has a sultry musk yet floral sweetness to it; consisting of Belladona, Tiger Orchidea, apricot, saffron and honey. I have been wearing this throughout the day but I would probably consider this to be more of an evening/night fragrance, something to spritz on when getting ready for a date or a night with the girls. The product itself is black but won't stain your skin or clothes and the bottle has a very unique and edgy appearance, much like Gaga herself. 

After reading a couple of other reviews I can see why people expected this product to be something completely new and incomparable but overall I think this perfume does define Lady Gaga. It has a strong, bold exterior but inside is delicate and sweet. The one negative point I have to say is that I didn't find this perfume to be incredibly long lasting which is a shame although it won't discourage me to keep wearing it. 

Tamara x

Friday, 7 September 2012

VOGUE Fashion's Night Out

Last night I went to the VOGUE Fashion's Night Out in central London and although the night was fashion influenced as a beauty blogger I did keep my focus on beauty througout the night, hunting for goodies and glaring over make up counters. Streets were buzzing with the fashion hungry and each store had it's own unique atmosphere. I sipped champagne in Zara, indulged in doughnuts at Gap and had a few cheeky cupcakes here and there. By the end of the evening I was completely cream crackered after endlessly dashing from store to store which would have seemed less of a mission if I hadn't worn heels! I decided to create brief post of my night with a few snaps...

I was with a couple of my close girlies and on our way to Bond Street we came across Condé  Nast which had an eager queue of people waiting outside, so of course we joined in to see what all the fuss was about. People were leaving with generously sized Vogue goodie bags which had been running out fast so unfortunatly I didn't get my hands on one (boo!). I did however purchase a copy of Glamour and a 'Vogue Fashion's Night Out' t-shirt which was slightly on the pricey side but I just HAD to have one and it also entitled me to an invitation to the 'Fashion Packed' event later this month.


A quick stop at Victorias Secret where we were treated to sparkly pink cupcakes and were totally wowed by the boudoir décor of the store. I was not at all expecting to see so much beauty in here!

Scented wrist ribbon which smells gorgeous mmm

Make-up artists found in Forever 21 creating the perfect red lip looks

Dance off at GAP, why not?

Delilah performing at Topshop Oxford Street

Obviously had to make a visit to the Barry M counter, nail polish galore 

Freebies and purchases of the evening, absolutly LOVE this t-shirt and the free popcorn was delishhh. 

Overall I had a fabulous night, not your average visit to London town, I was a little gutted not to have spotted any YouTube beauty gurus or bloggers while I was there but it was still a great experience. Bring on next year!

Tamara x

Saturday, 1 September 2012

TK Maxx Beauty Bargains

TK Maxx is always a treasure box for me when it comes to beauty bargains and I'm always telling my friends to go and rummage in their nearest branch because you're always guaranteed to find something. I have visited the store a couple of times this month and here are the cheap and cheerful products that I purchased. 

Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Shampoo - £6.99 £3.99
Toni & Guy Dark Brunette Conditioner - £6.99 £3.99

My regular shampoo and conditioner was running low so I thought I'd grab these to give them a try and they were cheap after all. I was glad to find both the shampoo and conditioner together as, if you know the chaos of TK Maxx beauty shelves as well as I do, you can never usually find things all in one place. Although these products are probably best for coloured hair I thought either way I'm still going to benefit from them and they did turn out to be rather good. 

The shampoo promises extra shine which I didn't really notice after use, my hair had about as much shine as any other shampoo would give. The product itself is dark like treacle and lathers fairly well when applied onto hair. The conditioner is a creamy chocolaty colour that looks could enough to eat and smells just as lovely, leaving my hair smooth and enriched with olive oil. One thing that did irritate me about these products was the ease of getting the shampoo/conditioner out through the pump of bottle, the hole was simply just too small so I resorted to unscrewing the pump and poured into my palms. The over all result was slightly above average, my hair was left tangle free and nourished but I wouldn't choose these two as my 'go to' for hair care.

Models Own polish trio - £15.99 £7.99

The particular TK Maxx branch I purchased this polish trio from had very few choices of colours and this set in particular caught my attention the most. The trio consists of shades (left to right) 'Thunder and Lightning', 'Hot Pink' and 'Peach Sherbet' which are all fabulous. I keep meaning to purchase the Models Own Hed Kandi range as I think the selection of polishes are perfect to wear on the rare occasions we have sun but for the meantime I've settled for these three. All three give faboulous colour but I did notice the varnish chips easily so wouldn't last days on your nails, which I guess isn't a big deal for me as I tend to change the colour of my nails regularly throughout an average week.  

'Thunder and Lightning' is a glitter based varnish and looks like the night sky in a bottle. Glitter based polishes are always a nightmare to remove but this wasn't at all that hard to take off unlike my past experiences with brands such as Barry M. When applying I was a little disappointed with how thin the product was, it took 3 coats until I was satisfied with the appearance of my nails but with the layer of the varnish so thick it gradually cracked and peeled off. 'Hot Pink' gives a dramatic pop of colour to my finger tips and looks great with a tan, I doubt I will wear this much during the Autumn/Winter time. Peach is a common colour I wear on my nails and the 'Peach Sherbet' is lovely and subtle, I only needed two coats to get the full impact of the shade.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick - £20.00 £3.99

I took a risk buying this lipstick, it had been sealed in plastic so I wasn't able to swatch it to see whether I liked the colour or not beforehand. The lipstick is in shade '06 Melon' and from what was displayed on the box it looked like it would be my perfect pinky yet peachy shade. With the fact it was so ridiculously reduced I thought even if I don't like it, it's no big loss so I went ahead and bought it.

When I finally had the chance to try it I was a bit gutted to find it wasn't what I had expected to be and had more of an orange tint to it. The pigment of the lipstick is very weak so I did need to apply it continuously until I got the right consistency on my lips. 

GHD Heat Protect Spray - £9.95 £4.99

Even though I have a heat protect spray that I absolutely love already I just couldn't ignore this one by GHD for under a fiver! It smells so gorgeous and leaves my hair with a smooth condition. My hair looks ultra shiny and sleek all day long. The spray is very lightweight and doesn't leave any sticky residue behind. I wouldn't definitly purchase this product again but only if I found it at a similar price.

Tamara x