Saturday, 4 August 2012

SheSaidBeauty August Box

This is actually the final box of my three month subscription but I think I will most definitely continue as I really look forward to receiving my SheSaidBeauty box each month. The August box came a little earlier than I expected it to, not that I'm complaining, and this is what I found inside.

WHITE GLO Professional Choice
I did enjoy using this toothpaste, it had a much more gritty texture than your typical Colgate or Aqua Fresh which might throw some people off but I much prefer toothpaste with a bit of 'oomph' in them. I didn't notice any instant results but I think it is gradually having an effect but I'm certain I'd need a full sized sample to get the best out of it. My teeth were left squeaky clean and  there was a noticeable burst of freshness in my mouth after use.

BALANCE ME Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve
Oh dear, I wasn't at all happy to see this in my beauty box this month. I received this lip salve in last month's issue of Glamour which I had picked up specifically because I thought since it regularly retails at £12 - it's got to be good, right? Well..not exactly, although it does give my lips the intense hydration I was hoping for it also has a horrid taste which I can't help but notice every time I put it on, even my mum hates it. It's literally like sucking on rose petals or having perfume on your lips just thinking about it makes me shudder. And so now I have not only one but two of these dreadful tasting lip salves to stash away. 

REDKEN Colour Extend Radiant - 10
I really like Redken hair products and if they were more affordable they'd probably be my first choice every time. Redken hair care always leaves my hair smelling gorgeous and feeling incredibly smooth and soft  so of course I was pleased to receive a sample this month. Although this product is for coloured hair I'm still making use of it as it has 10 essential benefits for your locks, it's light weight and again it smells lush. I've been applying it on to wet hair but it can also be used when dry. It's made my hair feel really lovely and I must admit I might have used it a bit excessively as I've already used a third of the bottle..oops.

PAPOER POUDRE Rachel Powdered Paper
I couldn't have received these at a better time as I have recently run out of my trusty facial blotting tissues from The Body Shop which are essential  throughout my day when I need to touch up any shine on my face.  The booklet consists of 20 sheets which isn't going to last me considering my one by Body Shop had 65 sheets and lasted me a really long time. I am going to make use of these powdered papers but once I've used them all I will return to my usual and cheaper preference.

NAILS INC Nail Polish
Adore this shade! Gutted it's not the full sized sample as I reckon I will finish it in no time, the colour is just lovely and I can't seem to stop wearing it. The product itself is quick to dry and doesn't seem to chip at all, a full size polish retails at a ridiculous £11 so I'll probably go on a hunt for a cheaper alternative. 

4711 Eau De Cologne
Apparently this brand goes back 200 years but I can't say I've ever been aware of it. This is a teeny tiny sample which I'm not too fussed about really as the scent isn't really my cup of tea.

Tamara x