Tuesday, 21 August 2012

GlossyBox: International Superstars

Personally my nails don't appear discoloured however this German brightening effect nail polish guarantees to rid nails of yellowing. There is no harm in me making use of this product although I will probably use it as a base coat instead.

DHC DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
I'm a little reluctant to have a go at this Japanese cleansing oil, considering my skin is oily in general I'm not exactly keen on adding more to my face. I am aware that this product requires rinsing after use however with past oil based skin care I have used I found to be left with a greasy residue on my face afterwards. The oil has a soft fragrance and on first impressions feels a little heavy when I placed a small amount on the back of my hand. I plan to give it a chance eventually but I'm in no rush for now.

This is actually my favourite product of the lot..which says rather a lot with it being rather basic but compared with the other products I received this month it was the most impressive. Eve's Balm nourishes dry skin within an instant leaving it delightfully smooth. I've been using this balm on my lips everyday since I got it, I've really taken to it. It has a lovely scent, I can definitely smell all the essential oils enriched into it and it leaves my lips feeling lusciously soft and hydrated.

VERA VALENTI L'ombre a Paupiere Margarita 
Next is a Spanish product; a compact sized eye shadow palette consisting of green and brown tones. At first glance it looks as cheap as it costs, not that appealing at all if I'm honest, I was reminded of the tacky little make up samples I'd get in teen magazines back in my younger years. I'm not crazy on the shades of green in this palette but I do quite like the darker shades of brown so I will try to make use of them occasionally.    

I've still yet to put this product to the test, I'm know for obsessively applying lipstick so it would be great if this lipstick sealer does do as it promises. My regular choices of lipstick tend to come off quite easily either through eating and drinking or really just in general so it would be handy if this product does work for me. The product itself looks and even smells a little similar to nail varnish which is a little off putting as I wouldn't want to have that taste on my lips all day. 

GLOSSYBOX GlossyBox Lipstick
I'm still 'umming' and 'ahhing' over this lippy as I can't actually decide whether I like it or not. Lipsticks are always a nightmare for me as I'm often limited to what shades will suit my skin tone and dark facial features. Dark shades tend to make my face look washed out so I like to stick to pale peaches and pinks which I have most likely mentioned before. This GlossyBox lipstick is in shade 'Glossy Pink' which is slightly on the darker side so I reckon the only way I could pull it off is if I get a bit more sun on my cheeks. The lipstick is smooth to apply however I did find it left my lips dry rather quickly.

Tamara x