Saturday, 7 July 2012

SheSaidBeauty July Box

This is the second box of my 3 month SheSaidBeauty subscription and I've actually been impressed so far that I may consider continuing to subscribe. I've been introduced to so many new brands and I'm interested to see the many more to come. Here is what I received in my SheSaidBeauty July box..


This eye liner creates a dramatic and intense black line on the lids and the pencil itself is nice and chunky which I prefer over skinny ones. On the downside it may be a little tricky to sharpen. The product is very similar to the Benefit Bad Gal Smouldering Eye Pencil in terms of size and thickness however gives noticeably better results. 

LAYLAD Honey Moisturiser 

I can't refuse a new moisturiser to add to my growing stash after all I'm always going to need one and this pocket sized sample by LaylaD is perfect to pop into a travel bag. I'm a little uncertain of whether I like the smell of the product or not, from afar it has a pleasant aroma of honeysuckle but up close I'm not too keen. It's soft and light to apply leaving my face feeling nourished and dewy.  

MURAD Time Release Blemish Cleanser

Unfortunately I'm still suffering from annoying break outs at the age of 22 so I'm always interested in trying the latest anti-blemish products on the market. I am aware that Murad has an acne and blemish control range but I have not yet tried any products from there as I have seen mixed reviews on how well it works and I'd rather avoid any chance of disappointment. I was previously let down by the anti-blemish range by Clinique (ridiculously priced at £30) and since have been hesitant to splash out on spot treatments that aren't guaranteed to work for my skin. However I have enjoyed using this cleanser and have been using it everyday since this months box arrived. I've found it to leave my skin matte, thoroughly cleansed and I have noticed my blemishes to be slightly more under control and my spots have began to slowly clear.


I've actually been in need of a decent nail file as mine are all completely useless. There's nothing negative to be said about this file it is a genuinely good product idea, the shape follows the curve of your nail as you use it and is just right - not too rough and not too flimsy.   

FREEZE 24.7 Ice Crystals Anti-Ageing Prep & Polish

I was hoping this exfoliator by Freeze 24.7 would wow me but it was quite disappointing. I did however, like the general texture of the product as it was a lot more granulated compared to most exfoliators which consist of big beads that just seem to roll over the skin rather than scrubbing into the pores. What threw me off the most with this product is the oily residue that appeared to be left over on my skin despite rinsing thoroughly, so much so that I had to wash my face again with a regular face wash to get rid of the waxy feeling. 

TRILOGY Instant Bronzing Gel

As I've stated in previous posts I don't particularly like instant tanners or bronzing products and I wasn't too pleased to see this bronzing gel in my beauty box so I may just have to save this in case of a tanning emergency. I always opt for gradual tan and probably always will.

In addition, each SheSaidBeauty box subscriber received a Debenhams Beauty Club rewards club which was a delightful added bonus.

Tamara x