Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Seven Deadly Sins

I've noticed a fair few beauty bloggers/youtubers who have done the 'Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty' TAG so before I get some beauty sleep and as this is my last post of the seventh month (notice a theme coming together?) I thought I'd have a go at it my self :)

What is your most expensive beauty product?

I'm not one to splash out on make up but I suppose the one thing I 'splurged' on was my Urban Decay Naked palette which I'm sure I bought at around £32. I've always found some of the best beauty buys are the most affordable and so I hardly ever make huge make up purchases but on this occasion I literally just HAD to have it. The one expensive thing I regularly purchase is my foundation as I wear it most days in the week and I need that guaranteed coverage and long lasting finish which I find cheaper high street brands don't deliver. My choice of foundation is Lancomes Teint Idole Ultra 24HR  retailing at £27 which you may not think is the slightest bit expensive but that is honestly the most I spend on a single beauty product.

What beauty products do you have a love and hate relationship with?

I'd probably have to say concealers - my ultimate beauty frenemy. Some days my concealer will be my best friend but other days I wonder why I ever bought it. Not entirely sure why but I've noticed that nearly all the concealers I've ever tried don't always give long term results and since I regularly suffer from blemishes and breakouts it can be quite frustrating. I've yet to find a concealer that behaves every time I use it, any suggestions?
What are your most delicious beauty products?

I have an ever growing stash of yummy body lotions and butters that I'm trying to use sparingly so that they don't get used up too quickly and there are two in particular that I absolutely adore. First is the Vanilla-Dee-Lite by Lush, a soft and creamy body lotion with a sweet scent infused with coconut and illipe butters. Second it would have to be my Bliss blood orange + white pepper body butter that I received in a past GlossyBox, it smells so vibrant and is a perfect summer lotion. 
What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

I'm sure most people would agree with me on this one - primers. We all know they'll benefit you in the long run but that small addition to my daily make up routine seems like such an effort. I especially neglect eye shadow primers, aside from forgetting I just can't always be bothered with the fuss and on occasions find it can be rather greasy on the lids.

What product gives you most confidence?

A good foundation will give anyone that confidence boost. With a radiant, natural and blemish free complexion you can't help but feel good about yourself. I depend on foundation probably more than I should but I'm not exaggerating when I say I need it, I have so many blemishes and scaring in areas I've had terrible breakouts and have been burdened with an uneven, dull skin tone. My foundation gives me an even finish and brings a much needed glow to my face which makes a great impact on how I feel about my appearance. 
What product makes you feel more attractive?

Smelling good makes me feel good, I love owning a gorgeous smelling perfume and if I could I'd probably purchase a new bottle every week. A perfume can express your mood or in some cases your intentions. I definitely think a splash of fragrance, whether it be sweet and floral or strong and sexy, makes a difference in how I feel about myself. 

What beauty item would you most like to receive as a gift? 

Every single Models Own nail polish shade...pretty please :)

Tamara x