Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Seven Deadly Sins

I've noticed a fair few beauty bloggers/youtubers who have done the 'Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty' TAG so before I get some beauty sleep and as this is my last post of the seventh month (notice a theme coming together?) I thought I'd have a go at it my self :)

What is your most expensive beauty product?

I'm not one to splash out on make up but I suppose the one thing I 'splurged' on was my Urban Decay Naked palette which I'm sure I bought at around £32. I've always found some of the best beauty buys are the most affordable and so I hardly ever make huge make up purchases but on this occasion I literally just HAD to have it. The one expensive thing I regularly purchase is my foundation as I wear it most days in the week and I need that guaranteed coverage and long lasting finish which I find cheaper high street brands don't deliver. My choice of foundation is Lancomes Teint Idole Ultra 24HR  retailing at £27 which you may not think is the slightest bit expensive but that is honestly the most I spend on a single beauty product.

What beauty products do you have a love and hate relationship with?

I'd probably have to say concealers - my ultimate beauty frenemy. Some days my concealer will be my best friend but other days I wonder why I ever bought it. Not entirely sure why but I've noticed that nearly all the concealers I've ever tried don't always give long term results and since I regularly suffer from blemishes and breakouts it can be quite frustrating. I've yet to find a concealer that behaves every time I use it, any suggestions?
What are your most delicious beauty products?

I have an ever growing stash of yummy body lotions and butters that I'm trying to use sparingly so that they don't get used up too quickly and there are two in particular that I absolutely adore. First is the Vanilla-Dee-Lite by Lush, a soft and creamy body lotion with a sweet scent infused with coconut and illipe butters. Second it would have to be my Bliss blood orange + white pepper body butter that I received in a past GlossyBox, it smells so vibrant and is a perfect summer lotion. 
What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

I'm sure most people would agree with me on this one - primers. We all know they'll benefit you in the long run but that small addition to my daily make up routine seems like such an effort. I especially neglect eye shadow primers, aside from forgetting I just can't always be bothered with the fuss and on occasions find it can be rather greasy on the lids.

What product gives you most confidence?

A good foundation will give anyone that confidence boost. With a radiant, natural and blemish free complexion you can't help but feel good about yourself. I depend on foundation probably more than I should but I'm not exaggerating when I say I need it, I have so many blemishes and scaring in areas I've had terrible breakouts and have been burdened with an uneven, dull skin tone. My foundation gives me an even finish and brings a much needed glow to my face which makes a great impact on how I feel about my appearance. 
What product makes you feel more attractive?

Smelling good makes me feel good, I love owning a gorgeous smelling perfume and if I could I'd probably purchase a new bottle every week. A perfume can express your mood or in some cases your intentions. I definitely think a splash of fragrance, whether it be sweet and floral or strong and sexy, makes a difference in how I feel about myself. 

What beauty item would you most like to receive as a gift? 

Every single Models Own nail polish shade...pretty please :)

Tamara x

Monday, 30 July 2012

GlossyBox: The Festival Box

BEX LONDON Londoner Urban Fragrance 
This fragrance isn't really to my taste; I found it to be a little too masculine and could easily be mistaken for an aftershave. I've actually given the sample to my boyfriend who has appreciated it much more than I did, not to say I don't like the fragrance; I just prefer it on my other half.

PAUL MITCHELL Awapuhi Moisture Mist
With the humid heat we've had the past few weeks I'm certain this product will come in handy. This is a light, refreshing spray which can be applied to both the hair and skin and gives a cool moisture burst throughout the day. The fragrance is very faint and the product itself is weightless on the skin. I've been spritzing this on the dry ends of my hair and will most likely use it on my face out in the sun...if it ever gets scorching again. 

MONU Night Renewal Complex
I've received a Monu product in a past GlossyBox which I really took a liking to so I was hoping I'd be impressed with this second sample. Sadly I was left disappointed, after a single use my face was left feeling rather oily which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't already cursed with an oily complexion. I almost felt the need to wash the cream off to get rid of the greasy texture that had been left on my face. It'd be a shame to waste this product so I will hang on to it for the meantime. 

I don't get terribly excited when I find lip products in my beauty boxes simply because I have so many its ridiculous and I never find the chance to use them all. This is a cream lip gloss in shade 'Irish Cream Pavlova' - a berry pink which adds an instant pop of colour and can even be applied on to your cheeks. I'm more of a peachy pink kind of girl but I'm sure I'll give this colour a chance.  

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse
This oil is really lovely; it has a delightful scent and feels lush on my skin. Once applied I felt that my skin was nourished and the product didn’t leave a greasy residue. Not so sure if I would use it on my hair and with the bottle being so small I will need to use the product sparingly as I'm not exactly prepared to spend £17 for a full size sample. 

ELIZABETH ARDEN Visible Difference
I haven't actually made use of any of the three sachets that I received yet considering I got the normal/combination skin option I'm a little unsure of how they will settle with my oily skin. I'll save these for the odd emergency or I suppose they are a perfect travel size for holidays and overnight stays.

Tamara x

Sunday, 29 July 2012

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - £3.99

OK, I know how much I protest against using instant self tan but considering I was so pleased with the results my sample of St Tropez Self Tan Perfect Legs gave, I have found my self curious. The other day I was in TK Maxx browsing the hair and beauty products as I often do and usually come across some amazing products at ridiculously cheap prices. On this occasion I found this 200ml bottle of  St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in shade 'Medium' and as it was the only one I thought I might as well grab it. I've been keen to try a tanning mousse as it seems it would apply more evenly in comparison to sprays and  heavy lotions. 

You're probably thinking with all the lovely sun we've had this past week I wouldn't need to be using instant tan right now but as I'm working 5 day weeks I don't exactly get much time to go outside and bake myself in the sunshine - apart from during my lunch breaks of course. And so, while everyone is soaking it up my skin has been looking a little grim and my legs especially have been looking on the pale side. Luckily this product was exactly what I needed to get a quick fix natural looking tan which has lasted days after applying! I'll admit I was quite worried when I saw how dark the mousse was and can't even imagine what shade 'Dark' must be like however once it came to applying it began to blend well into my skin leaving no streaks or biscuit like smell. My legs had been given an instant glow without an orange tint but like all instant tanners it'd be wise to use a mitt as this product will leave your palms an unusual colour. To be on the safe side I then used an ordinary body lotion to ensure the mousse had been evenly spread to avoid patching. 

I'm definitely going to make use of this instant tan although I hate to say so. I found it gave a better shade of  tan compared to St Tropez and was much more durable too and since such a generously sized bottle was so cheap it'd be wrong to let it go to waste.

Tamara x

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol IV

As you may or may not know I do love a good bargain so obviously I couldn't turn down this amazing beauty deal on Groupon that I purchased at the end of last month. The offer was for the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol IV available for £29.99 instead of £59.99, for a saving of 50% how could have I refused? This is a limited edition make up palette with 16 unique shades of shadow and in addition a full sized 24/7 waterproof liquid eye liner, a travel size eyes hadow Primer Potion and Supercurl Curling mascara. Along with the pleasing price I decided to get this product as I've realised I need to start experimenting more with my make up. I always seem to be using the same old earthy, metallic shades from my Urban Decay Naked palette (which I still adore) and never seem to dare trying other colours. I have light brown eyes so I'm very limited to what suits me which is why I tend to keep safe with browns and smoky tones so I had high hopes that the Book of Shadows would introduce me to new colours to create different looks.

The palette came in this utterly gorgeous box, I absolutely love the colours and inside is a mirror and  sweet little pop out butterflies, this product is perfect for i-Phone/Pod owners as it includes a portable speaker and a nifty little holder. The idea is to watch how-to-videos via an app while you apply your make up, making use of all the shadows to create the latest looks.

I have began to try these shades out one by one, but since I've been so busy working, I've not had a great deal of time to test and create looks for my eyes. Most of the colours I wouldn't ever have given a chance before hand, for example shades 'Hijack' and 'Crystal' are blue/greyish tones which I would consider to suit blue eyes better and the lighter shades like 'Skimp' and 'Zephyr' I think would look better on those with darker skin. I've taken a liking to 'Cobra', 'Baked' and 'Lost' but that would be falling into old habits if I choose to use those colours regularly as they are all typically earthy and metallic. I found 'Sin' to leave quite a bit of fall out on my face so had to wipe off patches of excess glitter. All these shadows look too lovely to ignore so I am going to try my best to make use of every single one..eventually.

The 24/7 waterproof eye liner is durable and gives a defined line however I much prefer a pen like applicator and found this one to be a little too thin and delicate for my liking. I was impressed with the length and definition that Supercurl Curling mascara adds to my lashes and  I have been using it most days. I'm a little lazy when it comes to using primer and yet I always complain when I find that my eye shadow has faded throughout the day so I'm going to make more of an effort now that I have this new tube of the Primer Potion. Admittedly I have yet to give the speakers ago although I have heard from a friend that they aren't exactly good.

Tamara x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

SheSaidBeauty July Box

This is the second box of my 3 month SheSaidBeauty subscription and I've actually been impressed so far that I may consider continuing to subscribe. I've been introduced to so many new brands and I'm interested to see the many more to come. Here is what I received in my SheSaidBeauty July box..


This eye liner creates a dramatic and intense black line on the lids and the pencil itself is nice and chunky which I prefer over skinny ones. On the downside it may be a little tricky to sharpen. The product is very similar to the Benefit Bad Gal Smouldering Eye Pencil in terms of size and thickness however gives noticeably better results. 

LAYLAD Honey Moisturiser 

I can't refuse a new moisturiser to add to my growing stash after all I'm always going to need one and this pocket sized sample by LaylaD is perfect to pop into a travel bag. I'm a little uncertain of whether I like the smell of the product or not, from afar it has a pleasant aroma of honeysuckle but up close I'm not too keen. It's soft and light to apply leaving my face feeling nourished and dewy.  

MURAD Time Release Blemish Cleanser

Unfortunately I'm still suffering from annoying break outs at the age of 22 so I'm always interested in trying the latest anti-blemish products on the market. I am aware that Murad has an acne and blemish control range but I have not yet tried any products from there as I have seen mixed reviews on how well it works and I'd rather avoid any chance of disappointment. I was previously let down by the anti-blemish range by Clinique (ridiculously priced at £30) and since have been hesitant to splash out on spot treatments that aren't guaranteed to work for my skin. However I have enjoyed using this cleanser and have been using it everyday since this months box arrived. I've found it to leave my skin matte, thoroughly cleansed and I have noticed my blemishes to be slightly more under control and my spots have began to slowly clear.


I've actually been in need of a decent nail file as mine are all completely useless. There's nothing negative to be said about this file it is a genuinely good product idea, the shape follows the curve of your nail as you use it and is just right - not too rough and not too flimsy.   

FREEZE 24.7 Ice Crystals Anti-Ageing Prep & Polish

I was hoping this exfoliator by Freeze 24.7 would wow me but it was quite disappointing. I did however, like the general texture of the product as it was a lot more granulated compared to most exfoliators which consist of big beads that just seem to roll over the skin rather than scrubbing into the pores. What threw me off the most with this product is the oily residue that appeared to be left over on my skin despite rinsing thoroughly, so much so that I had to wash my face again with a regular face wash to get rid of the waxy feeling. 

TRILOGY Instant Bronzing Gel

As I've stated in previous posts I don't particularly like instant tanners or bronzing products and I wasn't too pleased to see this bronzing gel in my beauty box so I may just have to save this in case of a tanning emergency. I always opt for gradual tan and probably always will.

In addition, each SheSaidBeauty box subscriber received a Debenhams Beauty Club rewards club which was a delightful added bonus.

Tamara x