Monday, 11 June 2012

10-day Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup Trial

You may think its' a little odd to review a sample rather than a full sized product, but I always believe its best to try before you buy and realistically it'll save you money at the end of the day. There has been countless times where I've bought a foundation thinking it would actually live up to everything that it promises to do...'flawless finish' 'airbrush effect' 'perfect coverage'..all these bold statements, we've all been gullible enough to fall for them at some point. And as a result I have found myself throwing away disappointing foundations, money NOT well spent. 

For over the past two years or more I have been settled with foundations by Lancome as they genuinely give good coverage and are ideal for those with oily skin, like myself. I talk about two Lancome foundations  in particular, Teint Miracle and Teint Idole Ultra 24H, in this post if you wish to read up on them as I would highly recommend both of them. But recently it seems I have had an urge to convert, something I didn't think I'd find myself doing as I am usually so hesitant to change from products I'm so comfortable using. My decision basically came about when I was going through clutter in my room and I came across a forgotten sachet of the Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup. I tend to ignore foundation samples from magazines as I can't imagine they'd ever be in my shade, but out of curiosity I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did! Not only was it a match for my skin tone, it was also extremely durable and gave a little more coverage than my regular foundation.

After plenty of 'umms' and 'errrs', I decided  to go ahead and purchase the full product but stupidly didn't take note of the shade I had been using, oops! I could only remember it vaguely so I went to an  Estée Lauder  counter to get a colour match and I requested a trial sample. I was handed a 10-day supply of the foundation and it has definitely been winning me over these past few days. Honestly it is a close comparison with Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra 24H, however the Invisible Fluid Makeup comes first place as it appears more advanced in terms of overall finish and durability. They both retail at the same price of £27 and it's worth giving both a go, or if you have already which did you prefer? 

Tamara x