Saturday, 30 June 2012

Gold, Silver..Bronzer

Who knows if we will actually have a real summer this year considering the weather has been so unpredictable lately so just in case the sun doesn't make a long term appearance I thought I'd try and test a selection of bronzers that will give a summer glow to my face on those grim, dull days. I have chosen these products completely at random and they each came at purse friendly prices. 

Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo - £6.00

This is the first cosmetic product that I have purchased from Accessorize, this is the Baked Bronzer Duo - Pearl Sands Shade 1. What appealed to me most about this product is the use of two shades that are far from alike, one being a warm baked brown and the other a shimmery golden tone. Together they give my cheeks a sun kissed glow as well as acting as a highlighter, giving definition to my face and you only need to apply small amounts of product at a time to build up to your preference. I have been using this bronzer most days since I bought it and have been getting quite a few compliments too! This is a product I'd definitely recommend especially considering how cheap it is.  

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks - £4.99 with free brush!

17 is becoming my favourite high street/drug store brand, from nail varnishes to mascaras, I'm always impressed and the other week this little item caught my attention. My usual choice of bronzer would be a compact powder so I thought I'd give these Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks in 'Pink Bronze' a try. The rocks consist of two shades, a subtle champagne pink and a copper bronze that blend together to give a soft glow with added shimmer. This product gives more of a natural colour to my cheeks so I tend to use this on days I'm wearing minimal make up.

BM Beauty Mineral Bronzer - sample inside this month's GlossyBox, full size retails at £8.00
I have reviewed this product in this post, take a look!

Benefit Tan About Town - £9.00

I received this cute little kit by Benefit as a belated birthday present from one of my closest friends. The 'Tan About Town' consists of Some Kind-A Gorgeous, BadGal Lash and the Hoola bronzer. I actually have the full sized Hoola bronzer but have been neglecting it as I always found the product to be a little too matte for my liking, I think a little added shimmer goes a long way to getting a more natural glowing finish. Also I've always thought bronzers work better if they're multi-tone, the shade of Hoola is quite bland on the skin and if over applied can make cheeks look grubby. 

Tamara x 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Flat Iron Spray - £6.99

I hear a lot of good comments about Brazilian blow dries and straightening treatments but honestly I'm not prepared to spend so much on something that’s only temporary which is why I thought I'd give this inexpensive product a try. Since falling in love with the Organix hair Moroccan Argan Oil range in Boots, I decided to venture across to the Brazilian Keratin range and I purchased the Flat Iron Spray which promises to strengthen your hair and give it a soft sleek finish. What I really like about Organix hair products is that you notice brilliant results after one single use and this product did exactly that! The flat iron spray really does what it claims and is probably one of the best styling products I have ever used, without exaggeration. It is enriched with keratin proteins, cocoa nut oil which acts as an antioxidant and organic avocado oil. The fragrance of the product is quite strong and strangely reminds me of a Pina Colada...yum yum and to apply the product, hair must be dry (the spray is a light mist so  it won't soak your locks as you're putting it on).

Once applied, I found that my straighteners glided through my hair effortlessly leaving it feeling silky smooth and smelling absolutely lush. I have been using the spray most of this week and I have noticed such a change to the condition of my hair although I still have my fair share of split ends my hair overall feels more hydrated and more manageable.  

Tamara x 

Friday, 22 June 2012

GlossyBox: The Sexy Summer Box

GLOSSYBOX Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush

Extra make up brushes are always handy to have so I thought it was nice to find one in this month’s box but it was pretty disappointing in the end. This brush has been made with goat’s hair which I found to be much firmer compared to my other brushes and it had a rather rough texture which caused harsh discomfort to my face. The bristles seem to be blunt and it almost felt as if each one was pricking my face. On my first time using this I used it to apply the BM bronzer (see below) and since have had blemishes on the apples of my cheeks. I don't think I'll make much more use of this, maybe for the odd touch up and that’s about it.

YVES ROCHER FRANCE Mini Mascara ultra-volume Sexy Pulp

This teeny tiny mascara surprisingly gives big(ish) results so much so I have been using it every day since I got it - just a shame it wasn't the full sized product. It has a large brush which I absolutely love; it catches every single lash giving superb definition. Maybe I have too high expectations for mascaras but I didn't think this gave volume to an 'ultra' extent so I probably wouldn’t reach for this for when getting ready for nights out or days where I want a more dramatic look to my eyes.

BM BEAUTY Summer Warmth Bronzer

I was really pleased to see that a bronzer had been included this month as I am currently reviewing bronzers for my next post. Much like the mascara I have been using this product every day since I received it, it's that good! This bronzer by BM Beauty gives a warm sun-blushed glow to my cheeks and lasts all day. You don't need too much of the product to get that sun kissed look but it is easily buildable if you want a more enhanced tint. The only downside is the size of the sample it is ridiculously small which makes it hard to dab my make up brush into it without making a mess.


This skin care kit is perfect for me as it tackles shine and if you're like me and have oily skin, finding this in this month’s GlossyBox was a bonus. The kit contained a foaming wash, purifying toner and an SPF moisturiser. My favourite of the three was definitely the purifying toner, which came as a spray, after every use my skin is left feeling fresh and keeps control of oil and shine. The foaming face wash had a light fragrance of lemon and removed make up very well, leaving my skin cleansed. The moisturiser is soft on the skin and promises a matte complexion although I didn't notice it had a great effect on my skin personally.

VICHY Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

Liquid foundations only ever really do it for me anything from compact powders, mousse or even tinted moisturisers just don't work at all. Not to my surprise this cream stick foundation wasn't ideal for an overall full coverage so I have been using this product as a concealer instead. I think the product is slightly on the heavy side and when applying it to my face it felt like I was literally smearing it on. Needless to say it does give fairly good coverage for smaller areas of redness and blemishes but definitely not to be used for your entire face.

Tamara x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

17 Peep Show Mascara

17 Peep Show Mascara - £6.29

After I was left so utterly impressed with the 17 Va Va Voom mascara I was eager to test the new Peep Show mascara. Both my mum and I have been admiring the gorgeous packaging every time we've seen it in store and  the other day I finally gave in into buying it, which I really didn't need to as I have so many mascaras already. Much like Va Va Voom this product promises fuller volume to your lashes however I found rather than volume it gave better results in terms of length and definition. I was hoping I would be left with fluttery, sultry lashes after using this mascara but there was no 'wow' factor about Peep Show. Not to say it isn't worth buying after all it did give length and left no clumps. The applicator brush is fairly bulky which I prefer over skinny brushes that just seem to comb through your lashes as opposed to curling and adding drama to them. Nothing special but not to be ignored. Oh and in case you didn't already know, when you spend £6 or more on any product from the 17 range you'll receive this darling free gift: 

Free 17 Fest of All Kit

17 Instant Glow Body Bronzer 

I have yet to give this 24 hour wear body bronzer a go but on on first impressions it smells absolutely lovely. This product is developed to give a sun kissed tint to your skin instantly perfect for when you need a quick fix tan. 

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish

This varnish comes in shade 'Tropical Island', the perfect colour to wear on your nails this summer, a warm orange with a hint of golden sparkle guaranteed to make your finger tips glow in hot summer sunshine.

17 Eye Liner

Pretty much your average Kohl eye pencil but always handy to have, this one comes in shade 'Onyx' and is smooth and easy to apply to the lids. 

Tamara x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

SheSaidBeauty June Box

After days impatiently waiting for the postman, I received the first box of my SheSaidBeauty three month subscription which I recenlty purchased from and so I thought I'd share with you the  products I got that came inside from brands such as St TropezElemis and more.

YARDLEY LONDON Royal Diamond Eau de Toilette

As much as I like floral fragrances this was a tad too strong although I won't let it go to waste, it's only a sample after all. It has a sense of sophistication about it with essences of bergamot and vanilla, so I will most likely wear this on the odd special occasion. 

MISCHA BARTON Whipped Shea Body Butter; Lemon Zest

This body butter smells scrumptious however I did find the consistency quite thick compared to other body butters I've previously used. The zesty scent is ideal for summer time and skin is left soft and nourished with lemon, cranberry and grapefruit. This is a full sized sample retailed at £10 perhaps a little over priced for such a small 65g tub.

ELEMIS Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir 

For a high end brand, I was nowhere near satisfied with this product by Elemis and probably won't consider their products in future. Firstly, the scent was a bit too 'Grandma' for my liking it was rather musty and simply not to my taste. Secondly the bubbles seemed to disappear within minutes of getting into my bath, which was disappointing as the bottle claims to guarantee 'indulgent bubbles'. I have noticed a large number of reviews highly rating this product which I must say I'm a little confused about. 

ST. TROPEZ Self Tan Perfect Legs

I have never opted for instant tan when it comes to my tanning regime as I think there's nothing worse than layering my skin with product, leaving orange streaks on my clothes and smelling like biscuits. I definitely prefer to use gradual tan so I was gutted I didn't find the St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body moisturiser in my beauty box. Instead I received the Self Tan Perfect Legs spray which was also a full sized 75ml sample regularly retailed at £10. Since I've never used instant tan I wasn't exactly 'prepared' and I now know the importance of wearing a mitt! This product gave me a natural looking tan although I must admit I'm avoiding any contact with my cream carpet and white sheets - if you could see the state of my palms you'd know what I'm talking about. It has a pleasant smell and I really think I want to give the gradual tan a go for sure. 

LET'S GO LASHES Strip Lashes

I got a pair of Let's Go Lashes in my May GlossyBox, so now I have two that I have yet to try out. This time I received these falsies in the style 'Temptress' which I think I prefer over my other pair in style 'Tease' as they appear to have more volume and their length isn't so exaggerated. I aim to review both styles at a later date so watch this space!

GINVERA Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

In all honesty I'm not a huge fan of BB creams, I find that they don't give enough coverage and do no good for my oily skin but this Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream by Ginvera has won me over! It is delightfully light on the skin leaving a matte finish. I have noticed my skin tone appears much more even which previous BB creams I've used, failed to do. This BB cream would work well as a base under make up or on days you want your face to appeal more natural, simply wear it as it is. Unfortunately the full sized product comes at a pricey £20 so I don't think I will be investing into it any time soon. 

Tamara x

Monday, 11 June 2012

10-day Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup Trial

You may think its' a little odd to review a sample rather than a full sized product, but I always believe its best to try before you buy and realistically it'll save you money at the end of the day. There has been countless times where I've bought a foundation thinking it would actually live up to everything that it promises to do...'flawless finish' 'airbrush effect' 'perfect coverage'..all these bold statements, we've all been gullible enough to fall for them at some point. And as a result I have found myself throwing away disappointing foundations, money NOT well spent. 

For over the past two years or more I have been settled with foundations by Lancome as they genuinely give good coverage and are ideal for those with oily skin, like myself. I talk about two Lancome foundations  in particular, Teint Miracle and Teint Idole Ultra 24H, in this post if you wish to read up on them as I would highly recommend both of them. But recently it seems I have had an urge to convert, something I didn't think I'd find myself doing as I am usually so hesitant to change from products I'm so comfortable using. My decision basically came about when I was going through clutter in my room and I came across a forgotten sachet of the Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup. I tend to ignore foundation samples from magazines as I can't imagine they'd ever be in my shade, but out of curiosity I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did! Not only was it a match for my skin tone, it was also extremely durable and gave a little more coverage than my regular foundation.

After plenty of 'umms' and 'errrs', I decided  to go ahead and purchase the full product but stupidly didn't take note of the shade I had been using, oops! I could only remember it vaguely so I went to an  Estée Lauder  counter to get a colour match and I requested a trial sample. I was handed a 10-day supply of the foundation and it has definitely been winning me over these past few days. Honestly it is a close comparison with Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra 24H, however the Invisible Fluid Makeup comes first place as it appears more advanced in terms of overall finish and durability. They both retail at the same price of £27 and it's worth giving both a go, or if you have already which did you prefer? 

Tamara x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Birthday GlossyBox!

This month GlossyBox celebrated its first year of beautiful success with the anniversary box complete with a pink balloon and pocket sized compact mirror.

NOBLE ISLE Summer Rising Cornish Hedgerows Bath & Shower Gel

This is a very luxurious bath and shower gel which smells divine and gives an indulgent lather. I can imagine you would find this in the bathroom of an extravagant 5* London hotel room as it appears expensive and at £20 for a 250ml I guess you could agree that it is. The product consists of elderflower extracts and gooseberry which compliment each other so well and does genuinely express a smell of summer. 

LOLITA LEMPICKA 'Si Lolita' & 'L'Eau en Blanc'

Both the 'Si Lolita' and the 'L'Eau en Blanc' are pleasant, feminine fragrances that are perfectly sized to slip into your hand bag to use when out and about. 'Si Lolita' has a little sugar and spice with essences of sweet pea, bergamot, patchouli and peppercorn which I think would be best worn as an evening scent and is my favourite of the two. 'L'Eau en Blanc' is much more subtle and fresh with the aroma of white violets, perfect for the spring time. 

LET'S GO LASHES Strip Lashes

I received these lashes in style 'Tease' which from first glance look slightly longer than my usual preference but appear a lot more natural considering that they are made from real hair. I haven't had the chance to give these a try yet but I won't knock them until I have as I am curious to see how they look and whether they are durable.  

UNIQONE Leave in Spray Mask

Honestly I'm not too keen on this product at all, I was especially put off by the smell of the spray as it has an overpowering scent which reminded me of loo cleaner..sorry to be harsh. Generally I don't use spray on hair treatments like this, I just don't find them to be very effective so unfortunately I doubt I will be grabbing for this when styling my hair. Also, due to the small size of the product I can't imagine it would last me anyway, since my hair is so long the bottle suggests I would require 10-15 sprays per use. 

WELEDA Iris Hydrating Day Cream

This is a delicate face cream enriched with jojoba seed oil and witch hazel to target dry skin. I have oily skin myself but I do tend to get dry patches on my face now and then so I will be making use of this. The cream isn't heavy at all and smells rather nice.   

Tamara x