Monday, 23 April 2012

Rouge Caresse vs Rouge Volupte

I'm always on the hunt for the best, affordable lippy out there but I've gone through so many and still haven't found the one. They're are either too matt, have too much shimmer or just don't last five minutes on my lips and on top of that I always struggle to find shades that suit me so I tend to go for the safe option of pinks and peaches. I get through a single lipstick way too quickly, I'm constantly putting it on (little obsessed) so needed to find something with a long lasting finish and moisture. With any beauty product I usually opt for the cheapest brand before stretching the purse strings for something more high end so in this post I chose to compare the Rouge Caresse lipstick by L'Oreal with the Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupte which have a difference between them of over £15!

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick - £7.99

This is L'Oreals Rouge Caresse in shade 03 'Lovely Rose', a soft pink but you can choose from nine other shades if you prefer to go for reds or nudes. This product comes at a cheap and cheerful price and guarantees weightless moisture and a pop of colour on your lips. I was hoping I had found the perfect lipstick from a high street beauty brand but unfortunately it didn't meet my standards. In terms of pros, this lipstick does give my lips a noticeable moisture and shine, and the slim shape makes is ideal to slip into a clutch or small hand bag, however the cons were its durability, it just didn't last me through the day and I found myself applying it several times to get the colour intensity I wanted. I am slightly gutted that the Rouge Caresse didn't do it for me and I suppose the search for my signature lipstick under £10 is still on..   

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick - £23.50

I purchased the Rouge Volupte lipstick by YSL in shade 30 'Faubourg Peach' after I saw a friend wearing it and straight away I fell in love with the colour. It seems this particular shade is rather popular and at every attempt to buy it, it has been out of stock. I would never usually spend over a tenner on lipstick but for months I have been itching to get it and have gone back and forth deciding whether it's really worth it. Luckily my mind was made up when I received a Debenhams voucher so since I was saving myself money I thought why not? This is definitely a luxury lipstick and it would be at the price it sells at, it's totally not my nature to consider such a small product at this sort of price but I can't is lovely. It has a creamy texture which moistens my lips and the colour is just gorgeous. Much longer lasting compared to the Rouge Caresse lipstick and out of the two I it rank first place however due to the price this isn't I product I will be able to buy regularly.

Tamara x