Tuesday, 13 March 2012

S/S Nails

With spring soon approaching it's time to ditch the gloves and get our nails out and on trend. With sweet pastels and bold brights, it's time to experiment with colours and look fabulous!

As you may recall from my A/W Nails post, I always opt for Revlon when it comes to finding a polish I can rely on. They're highly durable, come in a vast number of shades and are good value for money. Currently these are on offer at Boots, 2 for £10, otherwise can be purchased at around £6.49 each. The shades I thought would be well suited for this spring/summer are, from left to right: 093 'Tropical Temptation', 410 'Dreamer' and 211 'Charming'.

This is shade 'Tropical Temptation' which is a deep coral colour and I think it's perfect for hot summer days. I was given this varnish by a friend who wasn't too keen on the colour, silly girl, but I think it's just lovely. For a long lasting finish two coats are required and I found that there were no noticeable chips even after a good few days of wearing it. A colour block outfit would go great with this shade and of course sun kissed skin.

I can only describe the 'Dreamer' shade as a dusty blue, a colour I wouldn't usually think twice about but decided to go for it. The varnish appeared more of a sky blue once on my nails but was a nice change to my usual preference of colour. I think these nails would look great with a white sundress and would most likely suit all skin tones. This is a new shade introduced by Revlon and although I don't think I will be wearing it too much during spring, I will definitely be applying it throughout the summer. 

The 'Charming' polish is a delightful subtle lilac shade ideal for spring time. This is a soft colour that needs two coats for full enhancement and would look great with an outfit of peaches, pinks, mints and creams. I only recently discovered that I suited shades of purple, when it came to my nails, and this is particular varnish is actually becoming one of my favourites. Again this is long lasting and won't chip terribly. 

I've got to say I do love the 17 nail varnish ranges at Boots and they will always be one of my top choices. You can always expect new shades and finishes from as cheap as £2.99. I have a fair few in my nail polish stash and will probably find myself buying another one...or two soon enough! They are quick to apply and fast drying, so great for a quick nail fix when you're in a morning rush. 

This is one of the five shades found in 17's Candy Collection nail polishes, 'Mint Choc Chip' is usually a light green/blue, but I was disappointed to find that it appeared more turquoise then anything. I have purchased this shade before and really liked how it looked on my nails but second time round was a let down. Maybe it was down to being faulty, but when I bought the polish I noticed how the product had began to separate and needed a good old shake. Despite this, the colour still wasn't how I had previously experienced which was a great shame. I don't want this to be off putting, however, I would still recommend that you try the shade or any others from the collection. 

Barry M nail varnishes always come in fantastic shades that can be worn for any occasion and any time of the year. I especially adore their pastel shades so it was vital for me to grab a couple to share with you for this season. At £2.99 each, you get long lasting finish, amazing colour and endless 'Oh I love your nails!' compliments. 

Pastels are always on trend at this time of the year, especially the colour peach which never fails to make nails look chic and 'Peach Melba' is a perfect example. This has been a favourite of mine for a long time and can see myself wearing it on a fair few occasions in the next few months. A cream shirt/blouse and rose gold jewellery would match perfectly with nails of this shade. 

This is the yummy shade 'Strawberry Ice Cream' which looks sweet enough to eat. I always find that pinks go great with tanned skin so I may possibly save this for when the suns about a bit more. I can never say no to Barry M nail polish, although I would say they don't seem to dry as quick as I'd expect them to and I frequently find myself smudging my nails within minutes after applying the product.

Tamara x