Saturday, 24 March 2012

Boots Beauty Bargains

I find myself browsing in Boots far too often which is never good on my bank balance, but on this occasion I found myself saving £'s on some great buys. Today I was simply rushing through my local branch until I came to a stand still when a saw a crowd of women rummaging through shelves of beauty bargains with prices as low as 50p! Obviously I had to join in with the chaos and get my hands on a few cheap beauty bits and this is what I managed to get hold of.

17 Shine On Lipstick - £4.00 50p

You can never have too many lipsticks, and at a ridiculously cheap price I couldn't refuse to get another to add to the 'stash'. This happened to be the only shade marked down so I got my hands on one of the last few on the shelf. I really like the sleek, thin shape of this particular lipstick by 17, you can just slip it in your clutch or pop it into your pocket. The product itself is easy to apply but does not, however, last as long as I'd hope so will need reapplying throughout the day/night. 

Shade: 'Twilight Teaser' 

I don't tend to take risks when it comes to lippy, I always settle for the same pale pink and peachy shades as my skin tone doesn't seem to suit reds or darker shades. For a while I've wanted to try a plum on my lips as I've seen so many others wear it and it looks lovely, no matter what skin tone. 'Twilight Teaser' is not the darkest of plum but does divert greatly from my usually preference. I doubt I would wear this shade casually but will most likely wear on a night out with smoky eyes.

Rimmel Colour Mousse Shadow 8hr - £4.00 50p

Powdered shadow is my every day choice as I think it's much more durable and I never get that lid crease that we all hate. Although I wouldn't normally choose a cream or mousse shadow I got this one by Rimmel, not just because it was cheap but I thought I shouldn't knock it till I've tried it. This mousse shadow was simple to apply, no brushes needed, and seemed to be long lasting but whether it in fact lasts the 8hrs stated I couldn't say just yet.

Shade: 008 'Sassy'

This is a metallic bronze shade which is a colour I'm loving at the moment. This product however has a little too much shine for my liking and may need toning down with a powder shadow of the same shade. I will most likely wear this on nights out as it may give my eyes too much drama to wear in the day. You could possibly blend it into a smoky eye or wear it alone.  

17 Va Va Voom Volume Mascara - £6.29 £3.00

I've heard good things about this mascara but never got round to giving it a go, so I was pleased to see it had been reduced by over half it's original price. When I got home I was gutted to find that I hadn't picked up the mascara in black but instead 'Aqua' - why anyone would want turquoise lashes is beyond me - so I may have to dash back to get the right one! Despite the colour, I did give it a try and used it as a base before going over with a BLACK one. The Va Va Voom does give good results and is better than some of the high end mascaras I've used in the past so I was highly impressed. Don't turn your nose up at low end beauty, you might find yourself surprised. 

Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow - £6.99 50p

Again, this was a creamy shadow that I wouldn't normally purchase but since it was a bargain I thought I might as well take it. This eye shadow comes with an applicator, much like a lip gloss, to help you apply the product more precisely on to your lids. It's small and slim, perfectly sized to carry in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day if needed. 

Shade: 'Golden Green'

My eyes are light brown and I usually opt for browns, plums or smoky black when creating different looks but I am aware that greens can also compliment eyes of my colour. This creamy eye shadow by Max Factor is a subtle olive green with a slight shimmer which really adds light to my lids. In my opinion this isn't a shade to wear alone, I think blending it with other earthy colours will work well. 

Sanctuary Mela Amla and Cardamom Shower Drench - £5.87 £2.90 

Oh I do love my Sanctuary Spa products and the Mela range especially, so to go along with my Mela body butter and bath nectar I thought it was only right of me to grab the shower drench in the clearance. The products in this range do all have a similar scent but the smell is just gorgeous. This shower drench gives a fantastic lather and makes showers more indulging.