Wednesday, 22 February 2012

GlossyBox: LFW Edition

Since this GlossyBox was dedicated to London Fashion Week, I had high hopes for the products I would be receiving this month. Unfortunately, I was not entirely impressed but I will still take the time to share with you what I got..

DUWOP Venom Gloss

Yet another lip gloss to add to my ever increasing collection! I'm not really a lip gloss kinda girl as I hate the stickiness of it all, my boyfriend does too especially when I've left glossy kiss prints on his face.This gloss in particular is rather sticky on my lips, I much prefer to have a lip product that moistens rather than one which just gives a gooey glaze. My Venom Gloss was in shade 'Buttercup' a shimmery champagne colour that doesn't so much tint my lips but does give high shine. It has a strong spicy fragrance of cinnamon which I can smell on my lips throughout the day..mmm. This lip gloss consists of DuWops Lip Venom which is actually a lip plumper which I didn't know before hand so I was a little freaked when I noticed my lips were starting to tingle..alot! There was a slight plump to my lips after use so if your looking to pump up your pout the Venom Gloss will do the trick.  

DR BRONNER Magic Liquid Soap

I am intrigued to see how well this soap works on my skin in the next few uses as I am hoping it will help with my spot prone skin. The main ingredient is tea tree oil which, as we all should know, is a natural antiseptic and is often used in blemish treatment products that I have used in the past. This soap is completely organic and doesn't have any unpronounceable chemicals added to it which I always tend to see on the bottles of other branded soaps. This soap is very oily and I was concerned that this wouldn't be ideal for me, as I have oily skin I shouldn't really be using oil based products, however my skin was left shine free and hours after use my skin maintained a matt finish.


This is a liquid curl definer designed to enhance curls. I hardly ever curl my hair so unfortunately I won't be making much use of this hair product. Although I will say it does have a lovely fruity smell and doesn't appear to be sticky so I'm sure it will be easy to comb out and won't leave your curls feeling heavy with product. 

BM BEAUTY Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

I got this sweet little eye shadow in shade 'Noir' a pure black, perfect for creating dramatic smoky eyes. This is a powder shadow and is literally as soft as a cloud but could get messy if handled carelessly so if like me you have a cream carpet, watch you don't drop any! I would recommend to use this eye shadow over a shadow primer as I didn't find that the colour had much impact without a base, however it does blend extremely well onto the lids regardless. I definitely prefer powder shadows to cream shadows as they help to create specific looks, hassle free, but with any powder shadow you must keep aware of fall out. 

COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Body Lotion

I seem to have a fair amount of body lotions to get through at the moment so I will be using this sparingly. In my GlossyBox of May of last year, I actually received this exact product so I knew what to expect this time round. The lotion has a strong scent of lavender and peppermint along with eucalyptus and geranium which is rather relaxing and is lovely after a hot bath. It's smooth on the skin and seems to last quite well as my first bottle has only recently run out. 

Tamara x