Wednesday, 22 February 2012

GlossyBox: LFW Edition

Since this GlossyBox was dedicated to London Fashion Week, I had high hopes for the products I would be receiving this month. Unfortunately, I was not entirely impressed but I will still take the time to share with you what I got..

DUWOP Venom Gloss

Yet another lip gloss to add to my ever increasing collection! I'm not really a lip gloss kinda girl as I hate the stickiness of it all, my boyfriend does too especially when I've left glossy kiss prints on his face.This gloss in particular is rather sticky on my lips, I much prefer to have a lip product that moistens rather than one which just gives a gooey glaze. My Venom Gloss was in shade 'Buttercup' a shimmery champagne colour that doesn't so much tint my lips but does give high shine. It has a strong spicy fragrance of cinnamon which I can smell on my lips throughout the day..mmm. This lip gloss consists of DuWops Lip Venom which is actually a lip plumper which I didn't know before hand so I was a little freaked when I noticed my lips were starting to tingle..alot! There was a slight plump to my lips after use so if your looking to pump up your pout the Venom Gloss will do the trick.  

DR BRONNER Magic Liquid Soap

I am intrigued to see how well this soap works on my skin in the next few uses as I am hoping it will help with my spot prone skin. The main ingredient is tea tree oil which, as we all should know, is a natural antiseptic and is often used in blemish treatment products that I have used in the past. This soap is completely organic and doesn't have any unpronounceable chemicals added to it which I always tend to see on the bottles of other branded soaps. This soap is very oily and I was concerned that this wouldn't be ideal for me, as I have oily skin I shouldn't really be using oil based products, however my skin was left shine free and hours after use my skin maintained a matt finish.


This is a liquid curl definer designed to enhance curls. I hardly ever curl my hair so unfortunately I won't be making much use of this hair product. Although I will say it does have a lovely fruity smell and doesn't appear to be sticky so I'm sure it will be easy to comb out and won't leave your curls feeling heavy with product. 

BM BEAUTY Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

I got this sweet little eye shadow in shade 'Noir' a pure black, perfect for creating dramatic smoky eyes. This is a powder shadow and is literally as soft as a cloud but could get messy if handled carelessly so if like me you have a cream carpet, watch you don't drop any! I would recommend to use this eye shadow over a shadow primer as I didn't find that the colour had much impact without a base, however it does blend extremely well onto the lids regardless. I definitely prefer powder shadows to cream shadows as they help to create specific looks, hassle free, but with any powder shadow you must keep aware of fall out. 

COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Body Lotion

I seem to have a fair amount of body lotions to get through at the moment so I will be using this sparingly. In my GlossyBox of May of last year, I actually received this exact product so I knew what to expect this time round. The lotion has a strong scent of lavender and peppermint along with eucalyptus and geranium which is rather relaxing and is lovely after a hot bath. It's smooth on the skin and seems to last quite well as my first bottle has only recently run out. 

Tamara x

Monday, 20 February 2012

Oh! You're Making Me Blush

I thought I'd share with you my most recent make up buys, specifically blushers. Since spring is soon approaching I wanted to find a good blush to keep my cheeks rosy in these dull, grey days and wearing bronzer is just not a good look unless you have sun kissed skin. You must be careful not to go OTT with blusher as you will just end up looking like a baby doll so I always opt for subtle shades of either plum or peach which are easy to blend and don't make me look overly made up. Up till recently I have been using Max Factor's Miracle Touch Creamy Blush (6.99 each) in shade 14 'Soft Pink, it isn't a no go but I personally prefer powder blushers as I find them easier to blend into my cheeks with no chance of streaks. And so, with all my powder blushers used up, I searched to find a few replacements at affordable prices.

Benefit 'Hervana' -£23.50

I've always been satisfied with blushers by Benefit so I was rather excited when 'Hervana' was launched recently. As I mentioned in my previous post, Benefit Hervana Spa Event, this new powder blush consists of four shades to either blend together for your cheeks, use individually for your eyes AND can even be applied to your lips! I really love the colours in this blush, they compliment each other perfectly and aren't overpowering on my face. The product comes with a little angled blush brush but I prefer to use my Models Own Powder Brush to when applying. 

Shades: 'Divine Peach', 'Heavenly Rose', 'Berry Delight' and 'Lucky Shell'

Having a blush with a variety of shades is definitely a must have. This product reminded me of 'Sugarbomb' also by Benefit which again has four shades and gives a great finish to your cheeks, a powder blush I would highly recommend along with the 'Hoola' bronzing powder, both priced at £23.50. 

MAC Sheertone Blush - £11.50
MAC Powder Blush - £11.50

As I don't really have the funds to splurge on many high end beauty products I tend to search for them at discount prices or in sales. I love a good bargain, BOGOF deals, half price, 3 for 2 you name it, I never make a purchase without price comparing. I'm making more use of discount beauty sites to buy my make up and skin care and better yet most of them have free delivery! I purchased these two blushers by MAC for £11.50 from their regular retail price of £17.50 each from which are currently offering an extra 20% off -discount code MAC20- for all MAC products. I got two to compare shades and I've never actually bought a MAC product in my lifetime so I reckon I should start somewhere, right? 

Shades: 'Peaches' and 'Desert Rose' 

I was really pleased with the quantity of these blushers, I hate when I spend loads on teeny tiny products and feel I haven't got what I've paid for. The shades, admittedly, weren't exactly as I had viewed them online but that's always the risk when buying over the internet, however they weren't a waste of money at all. The sheertone blush was much more orange than 'Peaches', I only applied a little amount of the product at a time to build up to my preferred amount as I didn't want to look tangoed but I think this shade will grow on me nevertheless.The 'Desert Rose' appeared more of a plum shade online but is actually a deep rose and I actually really like it. It can be heavy on the face if you were to apply too much of the product so I use minimal amounts and blend well to give a more natural tint to my cheeks. 

Tamara x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Benefit Hervana Spa Event

Last night I attended a ladies only beauty event held by Benefit Cosmetics and in celebration of the recent launch of Benefit's latest product Hervana, a powder blush consisting of four shades which blend together to give a gorgeous soft finish to your cheeks. The event was held at the lavish Haymarket Hotel in London where a 'Hervana Spa' had been created to make us guests feel like spoilt little angels. We were all greeted by lovely Benefit representatives who talked us through what we could expect from the night and had a cheeky photo with two naked (the goods hidden of course) male models. Around the room were various stations in which you could arrange appointments throughout the night to either get your nails done, get  a massage or have a make up consultation. 

The general mood of the night was delightful and sophisticated. Everyone was having a good old natter around the pool enjoying the complimentary cocktails and nibbles which were absolutely delicious. It was a very girlie evening indeed with everything PINK and tunes from the likes of Adele and Beyonce got everyone smiling. 

Benefit representative giving a demonstration of how to apply Hervana. 

Yummy cocktails and crepes :)

Ahhh bliss

By 9pm it was time for the 'Hervana Spa' to end and let us angels go but not without a free, yes free, full sample of the Hervana powder blush (worth £23.50). This definitely was the best suprise of the evening! We also got a chic Benefit umbrella to brighten those gloomy rainy days. Overall the night was very chilled out, a real treat I must say, I'm so grateful to have won an invite and hope for more opportunities like this to come in future. 

Tamara x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stunning Sunday Sale

Complete the end of the week with a few beauty treats. MAC, Benefit, Lancome, Bobbi Brown and plenty more at fabulous discount prices at starting today. From blushers to eye palettes, lip gloss to nail polish, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Tamara x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Thank Heavens

I'm a very lucky girl today and luck is never usually on my side. I received an e-mail of congratulations courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics and informing me that I had won a place at an exclusive event celebrating the launch of 'Hervana' next week! I'm so excited and will update you all on how the night went :)

Tamara x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Your Body is a Temple

I spend so much time fussing over my face that I forget how little I take care of my body, even a friend was stunned when I revealed how I barely moisturise my skin after bathing...and so I figured maybe it was time to make more of an effort to treat and pamper myself. Can't complain really. As much as I wanted to over indulge, I was on a budget and needed to find the perfect products at a small price and I always know that I can find everything I need in my nearest Boots store. 


Sanctuary Mela Rose & Pistachio Body Butter - £9.18
Sanctuary Moisture Boosting Mask - £2.03

I absolutely ADORE this body butter! It's the first time I have bought it for myself but about a year ago I got one for my mum and fell in love with it. This is a tub of pure luxury and is well worth buying. Not only does it have the most amazing scent but it leaves my skin silky smooth and I will now use it religiously after every bath and shower. I literally can't stop opening the tub just to smell it, it's that lovely. You do get a generous amount of the product so I know this will last me a good while. The Sanctuary Mela Amber & Tamarind Bath Nectar is also just as heavenly, it makes baths so bubbly and smells gorgeous. I would buy it more often but for a bubble bath it's quite costly at £6.89 for a single 250ml bottle. 

Since the temperature has become so bitterly low this past month, I have noticed how dry my t-zone has become despite my skin being regularly oily, so as I needed to spend over £10 to claim my free gift and wanted a quick moisture fix, I grabbed a sachet of the Sanctuary Moisture Boosting Mask. There are a selection of masks to choose from the Sanctuary Spa range even hair masks that leave your locks luscious and sachets of salt scrubs to keep your body smooth and refined. This boosting mask, however, is created to give radiance as well as moisture to revive your skin when its at its dullest. I decided to give my skin a day to 'breathe' this week and this was a chance to give this product a try. Although it's a dear 15ml sachet, I only needed a thin layer so I reckon could be stretched out over a number of uses. The mask only needs around 10 minutes on your face but it is optional to leave it on over night and wash off in the morning which I may have a go of myself next time I need a natural glow in my cheeks. 

The product itself is light, easy to apply and instantly makes the skin feel fresh. I left it on a little longer than I was intending but this didn't effect how easy it was to wash off. My skin did feel smoother and more rejuvenated and my t-zone has lost its dryness. 

Free Spa Escape Gift (worth £10)

Currently Boots have a brilliant offer on the Sanctuary Spa range, all you need to do is spend £10 or more and you will receive this Spa Escape gift completely free. The gift consists of a travel sized 50ml Body Scrub, Moisture Rich Foot Butter, Luxury Bath Float and Body Butter which each retail for around £2.40*

Body Scrub

This is a real treat in the shower. It exfoliates my skin thoroughly and like pretty much all of Sanctuary's products, smells divine. The product itself is enriched with orange oil and patchouli which are a great combination.

Moisture Rich Foot Butter 

I don't look after my feet as well as I should so I have been using this after bath times along with my Mela body butter so that I am moisturised from head to toe. This butter is a treatment to help nourish and soothe the dryness of feet using various oils such as almond, tea tree and lavender as well as chamomile and aloe extracts. These all give the product a delightfully fresh scent. 

Luxury Bath Float

Much like the Sanctuary Mela Amber & Tamarind Bath Nectar I previously mentioned, this makes the bubbliest of baths and has a relaxing aroma, ideal for when you need to de-stress or just simply want to chill out after a long day. 

Body Butter

I will probably use this on over night stays or to save to take on holiday (if I can ever bloody afford one) rather than wait for my Mela body butter to finish before I can make use of it. Again, although it does appear rather small there is a lasting amount of product inside the tub. Both cocoa butter and shea butter are in the ingredients so I may occasionally use this as a hand cream as it leaves my skin soft and moisturised. 

Go on treat yourselves, your body is a temple!

Tamara x

Thursday, 2 February 2012

GlossyBox: Valentine's Day Edition

EYEKO Skinny Eyeliner

As I mentioned in my Get in Line post, eye liner is a must in my everyday make up routine so of course I was pleased to find one had been included in my GlossyBox this month. This product is designed to improve the precision and definition when applying liner whilst giving a subtle and smooth finish. I only use pencil liners along by bottom lash line and I prefer to have a soft line rather than a thick bold line so this 'Skinny Liner' is just what I need.The shade of liner I received was 'Plum', a colour I wouldn't have thought to have tried but figured it would be a nice change to my usual preference of black. And indeed it is! I really love this shade against my eye colour they both really complement each other. I have light brown eyes and have always struggled to find colours that suit, whether it be eye shadows or liners. Black is definitely out, say hello to plum! 

ORLY Nail Lacquer

At first glimpse my thought was 'its too dark!', if you've had the chance to read my A/W Nails post you would recall that I just can't pull off dark shades of nail polish and therefore I avoid them completely. My 5.3ml sample was shade 'Ruby' (full size 18ml retails at £6.95) and before use can only be described as a dark red, however after giving it a go I was rather mislead. Once the product was on my nails I noticed the colour to be more of a warm cranberry shade, not too dark at all and I am actually taking a liking to it. Only one coat was required but I would say this was my personal choice as I figured another would give me the dark red shade I was avoiding. The only disappointment with this polish is that it does chip quite easily and noticeably which is a real let down as I have only been wearing it for a couple of days so I wouldn't rate highly for its durability. 

WELEDA One Step Cleanser& Toner

This was a 10ml travel sized sample created with natural essential oils that help to cleanse and tone your skin. This product as a delightful scent of lemon and feels extremely gentle and light on my skin leaving it feeling fresh after use. Being such a small size I don't expect it to last that long although you do only need a small amount for every use. I can't criticise on this product but I don't have any intentions of purchasing it any time soon as I am settled with my current cleanser. 

FAB Gentle Body Wash

Unfortunately I won't be making much use of this product as it is aimed to tackle redness and dry skin - which I don't have. This body wash is aimed at sensitive skin, relieving irritations and cleansing thoroughly. It's also fragrance free which is really unappealing. 

MURAD Hybrids Skin Perfecting primer - Dewey finish

At the moment I use Clinique's Pore Refining Solutions, Instant Perfector as a base to my make up as it gives an even finish as well as minimising pores which is exactly what this primer by Murad also promises to do. My tube of instant perfecter is actually seeing its last days so I couldn't have received this primer at a better time! A small pea sized amount is all you will need to apply after moisturising your skin and it blends evenly all over leaving a fresh glow. The product can be used in place of foundation however I didn't think it gave enough coverage at all which isn't ideal for my skin, personally, as I suffer from blemishes and have an uneven skin tone. This primer did give my face more radiance and a 'dewey' finish but I wouldn't say it disguised my pores as well as the instant  perfecter so I doubt I will use this on a daily basis.  

Tamara x