Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wink Wink

I only ever wear false lashes on nights out and I've been through a fair few to find the 'best'. I hate when false lashes look OVERLY false or when they aren't at all noticeable and so I often try different brands and styles to find a decent pair. This post features three of the most recent lashes I have tried, each a different brand and each with a different result!

The Kiss Ever Easy False Eyelashes are designed to make applying falsies a breeze..or so that's what is promised. The lashes are attached to red strings which you hold at each end when you are placing them on your lash line to ensure that they go on with precision. Once you're are happy that they are in place you must wait until the adhesive has dried fully before you can pull the strings out. Sounds simple but of course, it wasn't! I must say the addition of the strings was a huge benefit when applying the lashes but the biggest issue was when it came to removing them. I was able to place my lashes perfectly but this seemed pointless once I had taken the strings out, they just got pulled off my lids. I had let the glue dry and yet the lashes could not with-strain the pull of the strings and in the end I had to reapply in the way I would with any other regular false lashes. 

I was rather disappointed because I was so impressed with how easy the strings had made application, since I am such a flop when it comes to putting falsies on. I would probably consider another attempt as the lashes themselves did look really nice despite looking a bit tacky in the box. The Kiss Ever Easy False Eyelashes (£6.50) are available in a variety of styles, I tried 02 which I found to be just right and I would consider to be ideal for a dinner date or drinks with the girls. 

Appearance 4/5
Value for Money 3/5
Application 3/5

I often see these lashes in the beauty sales on Brand Alley for usually £1.50 which is fantastic considering they regularly retail at £4.00. But with the delivery charge I would just be paying a pound more than the regular price, not exactly a bargain at all! And so, still determined to get myself a pair I searched elsewhere and managed to find them on Amazon for a reasonable £1.99 each with no delivery charge. I got myself two different styles: Candy Kitten Glamorous False Eyelashes - 'Betty Ray' and 'Gigi Belle'. I had only seen these online so I didn't know what I was expecting but at such a cheap price I wasn't fussed if they were a let down. 

The 'Betty Ray' lashes were a lot more extravagant than I had visualised they would be. They had much more length and volume to my usual preference and were slightly heavy on the lids. I chose to wear them on New Years Eve since it was a night of celebration and over doing it, but I doubt I could get away with wearing them on general nights out as they're are a little OTT. I must mention that these lashes were an absolute nightmare to apply it actually makes me giggle thinking about how long it took to put them on, I even needed assistance from my friend. Firstly the lashes themselves were just too big across my lash line so I did need to trim them to scale, whoever designed these must have mistaken girls to have eyes as big as teacups. Secondly the adhesive that came in the pack was utterly useless and it took several attempts until the lashes seemed secure on my lids. 

These are the second style 'Gigi Belle' and it's obvious to see just how big these are on my face, they are absolutely huge and scream out 'FAKE'. Much like the other style, they were an effort to apply on my lids. I had to trim them down and I decided to use a lash glue from a another brand of lashes to ensure that they stuck and stayed stuck! Straight away I noticed how large and heavy they were on my eyes which was uncomfortable and I never like to feel like I'm wearing false lashes. I reckon the only way you could get away with wearing either of the Candy Kitten lashes is if you were in fancy dress because they are that ridiculous and can't be taken seriously.

Appearance 2/5
Value for Money 2/5
Application 1/5

These lashes are No.7's Lash 50 Extreme Volume False Lashes which are priced at £7.50 in Boots but with a £5 off No.7 voucher I got them for a cheeky £2.50. They come in a range of volumes to give either a simple or dramatic look to your eyes, I chose to go for something in between, high volume yet almost natural. The No.7 lashes guarantee high impact which these most definitely do and I was really surprised at how good they were. They were very easy to place along my lash line however I didn't use the adhesive that came with the lashes as it just wasn't sticky enough to hold them down. There is not really anything to complain about these falsies and I will definitely be using these again and may even try another style. 

I really love these lashes and they take 1st place out of the three. They have beautiful length, are well defined and better yet so easy to apply. I would recommend you to try lashes by No.7 as you'd be surprised at how lovely they are and I could even say they are a close comparison to lashes by Eylure which never disappoint. In my opinion I think spending more than a fiver on lashes is quite silly so at £7.50 I think these are a little costly but they are actually worth it due to their durability and the results they give. 

Appearance 5/5
Value for Money 4/5
Application 4/5

Tamara x