Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Inspiration..

I consider myself to be a 'newbie' in the blogging world since I only began my own blog back in October. I started simply because I like my opinions to be heard, not to rave and rant, but to advise and benefit others specifically focusing on beauty. Throughout most recent years I've used plenty of beauty products, some that have totally improved my daily routine and some that were just a beautiful nightmare! Either way, I have always been keen on sharing my views on the products I have used and so I began to regularly write reviews on retailer websites to help encourage..or even prevent people from purchasing those items. And then one day it came to mind that I should create a blog to enable me to have all my reviews and opinions in one place for anyone to see!

My decision was also influenced by a blogger from the U.S, Jessica Harlow, who I have been following since last summer. I have learnt a lot from her make up tutorials and her general chit chat about products that she's recommended. Along with Jessica's blog she has her very own YouTube channel which I have also subscribed to and I can honestly say this girl has natural talent. She has a lovely personality which shows and she gives great, genuine advice. I think it's unlikely that I will created video posts myself, however I aim to continue to try and test many more beauty products to come.

Here is Jessica's most recent tutorial:

'NATURAL' BEAUTY: No Make Up Make Up

Tamara x