Friday, 30 December 2011

A Pretty Little Christmas

I didn't get a chance to post a Christmas wish to you all, what with all the fuss of the day, but I do hope you all had a lovely festive weekend. And I hope that Father Christmas treated you to a few boxes of beauty this year! So while I scoff the last of the mince pies I just thought I'd share with you what I found under my Christmas tree...

Special Edition December Glossy Box

My other half kindly agreed to subscribe me to Glossy Box, depending on how generous he feels, hopefully for a good few months. Luckily, in time for the special December edition which came in a festive red box and was filled with five fantastic beauty products. 

BLINK + Go Hi-Definition Mascara

I am always open to try new mascaras, simply because I haven't found THE ONE, so I was pleased to find that there was one included and even more pleased that it was a full sized sample which retails at £14.99. This mascara gives great volume, length and does genuinely define each lash without any nasty clumps. I can't say I was won over by this mascara but I will continue to use it on days I want my make up to be simple and natural. 

CARGO  COSMETICS Classic Lip Gloss

Again, this was a full sized sample which usually retails at £10.00. I received the shade 'Las Vegas' which I can only describe to be a dark toned peach colour. This product doesn't exactly tint my lips as such but I did notice how well it moistened my lips when I first applied it as well as giving them a great shine and a touch of sparkle, perfect for this New Years weekend..mwah!

DEBORAH LIPPMAN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet

The nail varnish is a gorgeous shade of purple, which is a colour I don't tend to wear on my nails however I decided to use this for my 'Christmas Day nails'. I required two coats when applying as one was too thin and didn't emphasise just how dazzling this polish is! I do love a polish with glitter but the disadvantage is taking the bleedin' stuff off, which is an absolute nightmare. A crises that I often had when I used to regularly wear Barry M's Glitter Nail Paint where I'd find myself using atleast 4 cotton pads soaked in varnish remover to take it off. Since this sample came with a sachet of Stripped to Go, a finger mitt consisting of remover, I thought I'd see how well it works. The mitt had a delightful fragrance of lavender and had the right consistency, but I was disappointed to find that it just wasn't enough to remove the glitter filled polish it came with. I am certain that it would have worked for any other regular nail polish but I personally would stick to a basic remover and cotton pads.

JURLIQUE Age Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream

I know I'm only 21 but I will be using this product, why waste it after all? This is a 5ml sample and you can purchase the full 50ml tub that retails at £48.00. Since I don't have wrinkles..I doubt I will see any dramatic changes to my skin but it's always handy to slow down the ageing process sooner than later.

RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel

This product has an amazing fragrance of cherry blossom and is incredibly soft against my skin. When applied the gel actually becomes a mousse which creates a heavenly lather which makes you feel silky smooth all over. I was glad that it came as a full sized 200ml sample and I'm hoping it will last a good while as it's just so lush. 

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP

This is definitely my new favourite scent at the moment. It's sexy, glamorous and delicious, it's musky yet sweet and it's a perfume I would have never have thought to try yet I love it. A unique fragrance that I can't seem to compare to any other, which is great as I like to have a selection of perfumes to wear on different occasions. This is ideal for a night out with the girls or to get noticed, I feel ultra feminine when wearing this although I would say that it does fade throughout the day which is a shame, so several applications are needed. I will purchase this again in future and I recommend that you should too!

'Mr Frosty' from LUSH

It seems to have become a tradition in my family to give LUSH gifts, so I wasn't surprised to find a LUSH gift under the tree. This is 'Mr Frosty' which consists of 'So White', 'Li'l Lush Pud' and 'Golden Wonder' bath ballistics which all smell yummy and will certainly be a special treat at bath time. At the moment 'Mr Frosty' is still in my bedroom as I can't seem to bring myself to dissect him of his LUSH goods...until the morning that is.

Benefit Make Up brushes

My dad was thoughtful enough to remember how much I wanted a new set of make up brushes and these three shown are by Benefit, they include blush/powder brush, foundation brush and a powder shadow brush. Although it wasn't a full set, I am still pleased that I can replace my worn out brushes. Benefit don't currently have a full set of brushes available for purchase, each are sold separately from around £15.50 to £22.50. These brushes help give a smooth and even complexion when applying make up and there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the brushes compared to my old ones. I do plan to purchase more myself possibly from another brand, I'm open to any recommendations.

Tamara x