Thursday, 10 November 2011

10-day L'Oreal Paris Haircare Trial

As a member of the ELLEUK online panel, I contribute to surveys and polls regarding fashion and beauty and last week I received an email informing me that I was as one of the selected few chosen to take part in a haircare trial for 10 days. Of course I couldn't refuse free shampoo and conditioner, coincidently mine had run out so I was actually in need! A week had passed and I was delighted to find a surprisingly big (ish) package on my door step and opened to find this treasure...

I was sent two generously large full sized samples of shampoo and conditioner from  L'Oreal Paris's Hair Expertise which has only recently been introduced to the U.K from the U.S. The samples given to me are actually the American products but will soon be available to purchase here in the U.K. These particular haircare products have been targeted at delicate, frizzy and damaged hair. My hair isn't frizzy, however it is rather damaged by frequent use of heated styling. 

From first impressions, they look very professional and worth spending a bit extra for. Botanical oils are found within the ingredients which I've not been aware of, in other shampoos and conditioners. When reading the bottles I noticed that essences of Rosemary, Juniper and Mint have been used. I was concerned that these scents would be over powering and I didn't really fancy having hair that smelt like a lavender bush or toothpaste, but I was pleased to find that the smell of the products were very subtle. 

When applying the shampoo to my hair, I noticed how well it lathered! I always find a good shampoo gives a good lather. Instantly my hair felt sooo fresh and the product is easy to rinse out, so no residue. The conditioner compliments the shampoo perfectly, after the revitalising lather my hair was treated with a soft, creamy and minty finish which was just lovely. I must admit it took a couple of days to see the impact the products had on my hair but I was impressed to noticed that my split ends weren't looking so horrid and my hair was feeling silky soft. Even my other half had a cheeky  try and even he noticed a difference in the condition of his hair. 

And so...

After 10 days I can honestly say, hand on heart, that the L'Oreal Paris's Hair Expertise
shampoo and conditioner left me very satisfied. It was a pleasure to be part of this trial. I would definitely consider purchasing these products, when available in the U.K and I would recommend to anyone with damaged hair. My usual choice of hair care is L'Oreal Elvive, most commonly Full Restore 5; Nutri-Gloss, Smooth Intense or Re-Nutrition Royal Jelly. In my opinion I think all of these, including the trial products, give similar results so I wouldn't say there is a dramatic difference between them. However, I did feel that the Hair Expertise didn't leave my hair as fragrant as I usually like it to be, compared to Nutri-Gloss or the Re-Nutrition Royal Jelly products, for example. Apart from that I have no complaints and I encourage you all to try for yourself. 

Quantity 5/5
Fragrance 4/5
Result 4/5
Overall 4/5

Tamara x